A Breath of Fresh Air

As I stand there, focusing my lens, getting the right angle, and my subject standing still as a statue a rush of adrenaline runs through me. The loud click sound on my camera goes off. I have captured the perfect moment, and I think to myself how therapeutic this exact moment was. Although my life has had its ups and downs with anxiety, therapy, being a full-time student, and working a job while in school there is no other feeling when I pick up my camera and escape this fast paced world around me. When I look through the viewfinder, it is as if I have disconnected from the world and have a completely different perspective of everything that is in front of me. This transcendent feeling is like no other, and no form of therapy could ever release me from such a stress.


There are plenty of photographers now a days, and everyone has their passion and reasons for beginning to take photos, which I believe is very important to have. When I first picked up a camera, it was a hobby that soon turned into a method of finding peace within myself. The ability to step outside and embark on a journey and not know what you will be able to capture was an idea that I grew fonder of each and every day. The impact photography has had on me, has been unbelievable. Finding something that decreased my levels of anxiousness has always been tough, but with every moment I captured on my camera, it has brought me one step closer to being free from my anxiety. From seeing multiple specialists every month, to seeing only one a couple times a year, photography has brought me endless amounts of joy that was once hard to find. For all of you that have a hobby, such as photography, you know how rewarding it can be when you get to spend a day doing just that activity. No matter rain or shine, going out and exploring the city has become a weekly routine that has become an essential part of my life. Nothing compares to the feeling where you are one with your surroundings, and when no one can take you out of that moment, it feels almost surreal.


Who would have ever thought photography would be the solution to my mental health. For those of you who face mental health; just remember therapy presents itself in many ways. I encourage everyone to find a hobby that can help ease your mind. As I look through all of the pictures I have taken, I always smile because I am grateful that I have found a hobby that takes me away from all the stress and polluted thoughts this fast-paced environment brings. I guess you could say, for me, photography is a breath of fresh air.

-- article by: Sebastian V.
Toronto Ontario
Fellow Photographer